Past Projects

124 Abarth

124 Abarth

Fiat 124 CSA Abarth Stradale.

This original car was restored in 2009/10 inhouse at DTR

The body had been the subject of extremely poor repairs in the past, and we had to more or less start again. This meant removal of front wings to repair covered damaged to the offside, and replacement and resetting of the front monocoque section. We remade the front panels to fit new wings and set the doors and pillars in their correct positions.

In additon we had to remake the inner sills to their correct specification and repaint the entire car inside and out. Approximately 160 hours of panel paint and bodywork carried out in- house to date on this car.

We have fitted a custom made 124 wiring loom for the Abarth, and fully rewired to the correct specification, including the retention of all correct and period relays.

The suspension has been fully rebuilt, although ultimate ride height may require some resetting due to incorrect springs which are now obsolete, but which can be custom made without too much problem.

The engine has been fully rebuilt by Andy here at DTR, and the orignal block was rebored with high compression pistons fitted, we further lightened and balanced the lower end with a performance clutch which should provide the desired power increase, if a little lumpy at idle!

We also fully rebuilt the 44mm Weber IDF's which were badly worn and had to be built from approx 5 other units.

This CSA is to be fitted with new steel exhaust, although we have made custom stainless steel units. 

The body and mechanics were completed earlier in 2010 and is coming in soon for it's first service!