Past Projects

Alfa Romeo Guilia 101 Spider

Alfa Romeo Guilia 101 Spider

Original right hand drive. Undergoing rebuild including new paint . Engine rebuild and rewire included. Has had a carb fire, damage is cosmetic only. Engine rebuild includes new pistons liners, cylinder head rebuild with hardened valve seats etc.

Was rebuilt and sold in February 2011, 'best of show' winner at (west country?) Alfa day.

Let us know if you want us to build, or restore a Giulia or Giulietta 750 or 101, coupe, spider or SS. We have restored several over the years and have run a 750 Spider as a staff car for last 22 years, having restored it in 1995!

We specialise in all aspects of restoration and farm NOTHING out except engine machining and paint removal.

We are able to offer stage payment rebuilding and restoration at a fixed price which we will agree before embarking on you project.

We have won awards for Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth restoration (oh, and another Citroen too!)