Past Projects

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

These now rare and beautiful cars are increasingly hard to find in good condition, this one was no exception.

In our opinion, there is no other way to restore these cars except starting from the bare essentials, however painful this may be. 

This example had been stripped by sand blasting some years ago, then, after attempts to cut away the 'affected' areas - the project appears to have been abandoned. 

A complete car, with all correct features including the original SS engine, following a correct and thorough bead blasting by the specialists at Cleaning Consultants, the full extent of the previous repairs and corrosion was visible.

We are hand making all external and internal sections as needed in-house, using a traditional English Wheel, the results will be posted as we progress. Panelwork and fabrication will stretch to over 400 hours on this shell, but with a zinc phosphate etched surface, we are confident that the finished product will resist the English weather and should be a reliable source of everyday transport, or even a show car for those special occasions. 

We are confident that this will one of best Giulia SS's in circulation.

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