Past Projects

Maserati 3500 GT 1961

Maserati 3500 GT 1961

Just arrived in our workshops. This stunning Maserati is about to undergo a full restoration with us.

Photos show the car as it currently stands. Largely original with alluminium 'Superleggera' coachwork by Touring of Milan. The alluminium skin is largely intact, but the steel monocoque is extremely rusty as expected.

We will be restoring this car over the coming months. Originally a light metallic blue with beige leather.

Engine fully stripped with a sheared stud between the cylinders. We have made up mill tooling and 'shaved' the stud to the base, and have re-drilled and successfully tapped the new thread in the original position. As a matching numbers car, it was imperative that the original block was used. Removal of the liners would most likely have resulted in some distortion to the original casting. This would then necessitate line boring to ensure the crankshaft was to run 'true' with no tight spots - this process is often overlooked in the rebuilding of Alfa engines, resulting in a unit which will never run perfectly and will wear at an alarming rate.

Currently remaking the damaged alluminium nose section, prior to the removal of the skin for access to corroded steel.