Past Projects

Alfa Giulietta Spider

Alfa Giulietta Spider

A well loved and used car. In with us for a high quality repaint. We have stripped each panel to bare metal by hand, removing all filler and re-visiting any previous repairs (there were several!).

Pictured with boot floor rusted and split, we have seam welded and removed all fuel lines and tank to repair the internal damage, then made a new battery tray which was glued in place, welded in position to original spec.

Front lower valence has had to  be remade along the rusted lip, although not visible, it's a good area to look at to judge how the car has been repaired and maintained in the past - it's also a good mark of the way it has been treated.

Engine and all wiring and ancillaries are removed for repainting of the engine bay, this means extensive de-greasing and light repairs, as it's one area that is difficult to address properly at a later date.