1973 Fiat 124 CSA Abarth


This is one of the most exiting finds we have come across. Recently discovered Group 3 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth just imported from Nigeria where it is believed to have been imported for rallies as a works car in 1973/4. In the last 34 years we have only had contact with 2 other original works cars. Our car interestingly started life on the production line as light blue and was changed to red before being completed. Unique features include adjustable suspension height, only present on works rally cars in period, Colotti close ratio gearbox, limited slip diferential, speical oil cooler and filtration, heavy duty aluminium sump guard - all of these feature are present and correct with this car. Rear steel wheel arches were factory modified and extended to accept the wider Cromodora magnesium wheel, again, all present with the car. The wheel arches were further extended with fibreglass 'spats' - we have an original set of these, which align to the holes underneath the current black paint. It was transformed into a road car at some stage in the 1970's /80's and the fitted engine lost. We have a 'new old stock' correct engine with original Weber 44 idf carburettors which will be built up to our usual high spec. This will be an amazing original works 124 Abarth that we can restore to desired specification (within reason!). Labour will be approximately 1500/2000 hours on this one and should be completed in 12/18 months from the start. VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY!